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Adam Ant Thinks Insect Bodies Are Best
Children's Play Excerpt:

Adam Ant: There is no need for them to be afraid of tiny little me.  I’m not like a mosquito flying around biting people, or a fly spreading germs.  I am smart, handsome, and a great dancer. 

Picnic Guest:  As I recall, you can sting and bite.

Adam Ant (trying to change the subject): I am smart, handsome, and a great dancer. 

Picnic Guest:  Do you have any scientific facts about what makes you so great?

Adam Ant: I’m an ant, right?

Picnic Guest:  We already established that.

Adam Ant:  Anyway.  A cricket is a cricket.  A bee is a bee.  A butterfly is a butterfly.  But, we are all insects.

Picnic Guest:  A cockroach is a cockroach.

Adam Ant:  Yick!  Don’t remind me.  I do not like to think about being classified with roaches.  But, they are insects, too. 

Picnic Guest:  You all look different.  So, what makes you alike?  Why are you classified as insects?

Adam Ant:  Let’s start with our legs.  How many legs do humans have?

Picnic Guest:  We have two.

Adam Ant:  Only Two?  How do you manage with only two legs? How can you dance? 

Educational Play Core Learning

Insect Characteristics

How Ants Communicate

Science Terms: Exoskeleton, Thorax, Abdomen & Social Insect